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Hey John,

I purchased a stage 1 tune for my V6 Saab Auto a few months ago. Had a bad coil after purchasing your product, and unfortunately was low on funds for a few weeks; needed some suspension work as well so I had to sort it out. Now the car has really finally come together awesomely!!
The change in power is impressive enough, however beyond the raw power gain the car actually drives better. Throttle felt a little spongy before from a take off and it was annoying…. It actually feels more professional than factory programming just as far as being consistent for normal driving.  This is the first turbo charged vehicle I have owned and being a bit of a car geek I can tell you I’m hooked thanks to you & Saab!  I believe as responsible adult Saab owners you don’t have to have a hot-rod mentality to warrant the purchase of a basic stage 1 engine tune. Everyone who owns a Saab owes it to themselves to upgrade the engine software with yours. After logging 1,500 miles with your tune I can say I owe you a positive review on the forums!
I can’t remember the last time I bought something and felt like a kid at Christmas!!


Pazienza Marcello

Got the ecu today and put it in. Started up like stock and sounded stock. Got going and all I have to say is wow. That is exactly what I wanted from the car and that is how they should have been stock. I was a bit skeptical at first when I heard about sending the ecu out to be tuned. I have tuned 5 vehicles from greddy piggybacks to full PFC standalones but I am very impressed the way the car responds. Anyone who is thinking about getting the tuning done will love it and be so glad they had it done. Thank you so much John, if/when I decided to go stage 3, you will be the first person I turn to. I want to say thanks again, you made the car exactly what I wanted!

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Giving you the power and performance that you always wanted from your car.

JZW is at the forefront of, twin turbo engine performance tuning with our ECU I flash software that offers performance upgrades that have been dyno tested and road tuned to ensure that we achieved the most power while keeping the engine safe.

The JZW I flash is a true ECU programmer that allows you to remotely tune your car through the OBD2 diagnostic port at your own home!

JZW Stg 1 tunes deliver significant power increases while concentrating on engine safety and drive-ability. Our software delivers a fully integrated and highly developed ECU remap. Through careful remapping of the factory DME tables, various elements such as ignition timing, boost pressures, fuel delivery and throttle maps are remapped to create a very well rounded tune that results in smooth, strong power delivery.

  • Significant power gains throughout entire rpm range
  • Better power delivery and less lag
  • Removes top speed limiter
  • Multiple Calibrations available, 91 octane, 93 octane and even full on race gas
  • The ability to return to stock at any time is a great feature when visiting the dealer

The JZW I flash is available for all N54 Engine set-ups, this includes the SAAB, BMW, Audi, Volvo and Porsche vehicles.

When you order the JZW I flash, you receive everything you need to remotely program your vehicle at your own house or local repair shop, this includes the very well tested I flash software that has been installed on over 4000 cars and the upload dongle to program the vehicle and at least two calibrations like mild and aggressive or 91 and 93 octane fuel.