About Us

My name is John Zeigler Williams. I have a degree from the College of Charleston South Carolina in Business and Corporate Communications. I have my pilots license and have over 450 hours of flying in Cessna 150’s and 172’s, Piper Cherokee and have over 120 hours of night flying. I used to love to practice taking off from the Hilton Head Island Airport and shooting over the Beaufort’s airport, practice some touch and goes and then come back. I was the line foreman at the Charleston International Airport at Hawthorne Aviation and became the FBO manager for the small FBO at the Hilton Head Island Airport.

I have been racing and trying to make engines go fast since I was a little boy. I started racing 5bhp go carts at the age of 7 and then worked my way up to motorcross and then tried my hand at rc qm-40 pylon racing where 4 race planes fly around the pylon course with speeds in excess of 190mph. Engine tweaking has always been part of the racing game and I learned many tricks about porting and polishing heads, cranks, intake ports and this has never left me. Just about every part on my 500whp saab engine and turbo and delivery pipe system has been ported from the head to the intake to the exhaust manifolds to the turbine housing of the turbo.

I have been working on cars for over 30 years now and I have done just about everything from working at Jiffy Lube to being a Mazda Specialty Repair shop service manager. I worked 5 years as a service writer with Subaru and all the while I wrenched and worked on my own cars and other peoples cars. The racing bug never left me.

I have been tuning cars and extracting more power out of them for over ten years now. I love the process of cracking the ecu, learning how it works and then being able to manipulate the timing, fueling and torque limiting tables so that you can get the car to run faster and smoother along with the added power.

I started tuning Saabs back in 2006 and I have been happy to make many Saab cars much faster than stock. They end up driving like what they should have from the factory. I ended up tuning my own Saab with 2.3 engine to over 800bhp with the stock tuned ecu and I currently have the record for the fastest Saab in America, 10.61 at 139.54 mph.

I began to receive tuning for other car brands such as Audi and Bmw and once I started to tune the Bosch Me9.6 ecus in the V6 Saabs, I learned that these ecus and the Audi were very similar and that started my long learning tuning experience with torque structured limited ecus like Audi BMW and the Saab V6. I have spent countless hours studying the code and many more hours road tuning and data logging these cars so that I can get as much power out of them as possible while keeping the engines within the proper safety limits.

The BMW DME engine management system is very similar to the Bosch torque structure type ecu and I have learned to tune these cars very well so that you can make as much power as possible without doing engine damage. I am a true ecu tuner, so I do not like the idea of a piggy back system that tricks the ecu into thinking its running different from what it really is in the real world. I think tuning the engine management system to actually request the power that it is truely making is a much better solution. The ecu knows how much boost and power its making and it take the proper steps to keep the engine safe. All the safety programming is kept stock in a true ecu tune and the ecu knows if the engine is detecting knock and it will pull out timing and add fuel to keep it safe.

If you would like to try one of my tunes, contact me anytime and I will be happy to discuss the options for your car, what you want to get out of your car, what hardware you have and how you would like the power to come on. We can tune it for smooth gradual boost increase or come on hard and fierce and that is all up to you, I don’t have set stages per say, I will custom tune each one to suit your personal driving style, you can have it roast the tires or pull a little higher into the rpm band, you can get a tranny strainer or a more modest tune, its all up to you, everything you want from mild to wild.