Mini Cooper I Fash Directions

Here is the basic instructions to reading and writing files to your Mini Cooper ecu through the diagnostic port under the dash with the I flash.

Note: Is your battery in good condition? If the battery of the car dies during programming of the ecu, the ecu can be left as a Brick, Paper Weight, ie NO GOOD !

You cannot damage the ecu while reading out the ecu memory, only while you are programming the ecu memory!

The Mini Cooper Ecu Memory Read will only be a partial read a “Data Read” Only. This will take 3-5 minutes to read and 2.5 minutes to program. The safest thing to do is back up the Car Battery with a jump box. This way, the chances of the battery dying during programming is very slim.


1. Download the I flash software to your home laptop computer. Works best on Windows XP and Windows 7, it will work with Windows 8 if you disable the signiture driver enforcement and then download the I Flash software. There is many links on how to do this if you google search Windows 8 disable signature driver enforcement. You need to disable the signature driver enforcement and then download the I flash Software so it can properly download the needed drivers. You can use a Mac if you run Virtual Windows, something like Boot-Camp.

2. Link up to the ecu with the obd2 cable and the I flash software. The diagnostic port is located under the drivers dash near the hood release.

3. POWER NOTE: Since the BMW turns the power off if you open the drivers door after 10 minutes, I do not take any chances when reading or writing files to the ecu. I put down the drivers window, hook up my I flash with my laptop in the drivers seat and reach through the drivers open window and never open the door ! You can also sit in the car and put the laptop in the passenger seat, but do not open the doors ! Push in the ignition until the power comes on and your are in position 2, all the dash lights come on and then you turn off all accessories, radio, climate control, etc.

4. Reach through the window, turn on the power to the ecu, push the ignition button in and then start the I flash SW, select next, next next until you get to the options screen, THE ECU TYPE IS MED 17.2 and then select Read Ecu Memory, “Data Area” only.

5. Name the file with your name and year, etc. john-08-Mini-OEM-manual. Save the file to Your Documents, Not the Desktop ! Email me the saved OEM file.

6. I will email you back the tuned file and you Download the modified file to your laptop in Your Documents, Not the desktop!

7. Walk to the car, power up the ecu by turning the ignition to postion 2, click next, next, next until you get to the options page and select Program Ecu Memory, Data Area Only ! Programming will take 2.5 minutes.

8. If an error ever occurs during the middle of programming, do not turn off car power or laptop power or unplug the cable. Try to start the write file to ecu again. You can also go to Recover ECU and select the OEM ecu file that you origninally read and put the ecu back to stock. The OEM file will be a .org file and the tuned file will be a .mod file.

9. Any problems or questions, email or call me ! 303-656-1611