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Product Description

ETS Intercooler kits Includes Intercooler, Charge Pipe, Couplers,Clamps. This complete unit replaces the stock intercooler on your BMW. The ETS Intercooler kits are compatible with both BMW 135i and 335i. The ETS Intercooler, offers a host of advantages and increased performance.


Direct Bolt on with absolutely no cutting
Replaces Restrictive Stock Piping
Max HP Gains of 21.05hp
Over 60deg Lower Temps
No Heat Soak after a Pull
Reduces Knock
Durable Stainless Steel Piping
4 Ply Silicone Couplers
Breeze Premium T-Bolt Clamps
Works On Both N54 (Twin Turbo) or N55 (Single Turbo)
7″ Requires trimming of bumper cover

Upon installation of the ETS Intercooler Kit, the car shows a 21.05hp increase and makes 361 peak hp. Outlet temps are only 59deg at mid pull and the temps only rise to 66deg at the end of the run. These temps are signifigantly lower than stock, and it is no surprise that there is a substancial power increase with the intercooler kit installed. Aside from the midrange, we also noticed a slight Increase in top end power as well. This can be attributed in part to the ETS Replacement Charge Pipe which replaces the plastic stock pipe with the 2 restrictve dimples that protrude into the flow area of the pipe.

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