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Cavalli Turbo Package


Product Description

Development of Cavalli Turbo and Custom JZW Tune

The Cavalli Triplex Ceramic Ball Bearing Billet Turbo is designed to fill the need for the Volvo R community. The Volvo R is a stout all around performer and Cavalli wanted to push the limits.

The Bosch ME7 in the Volvo has its limitations, but Cavalli worked with, JZW Tuning, to create more power, an a larger power band.

A 55mm inducer/58mm exducer was used to have more air flow than the ME7 can utilize without sacrificing turbo acceleration.

There is no lag. You touch the throttle and you are in boost.

Cavalli utilize a Turbosmart wastegate actuator to help stabilize boost. It is recommended to use an electronic boost controller to eliminate overboost codes. Electronic boost controllers creep up to maximum boost and manual boost controllers pass the maximum boost setting and creep down.

Cavalli did not use the factory BOV as it was not suitable for this turbo. The turbo was tested without the use of a BOV. If you want to install one, it is recommended to use the TS-0203-1022 from Turbosmart. It gets installed using a 1 inch nipple welded to the intake pipe upstream from the MAF and a 1 inch nipple welded to the charge pipe in between the throttle body and intercooler. This BOV recirculates the air so as not to disturb the MAF reading, but also releases up to 50% of the air to atmosphere for the sound effect.

This is the fastest accelerating and efficient turbo available for your R.

Why choose Triplex Ceramic™ CT3B Technology

  • 550HP Rating (Bosch ME7 Limited to 22psi-Approx 440HP)
  • 55mm inducer/ 58mm exducer.
  • No Turbo Lag. Instant boost on throttle
  • Turbosmart Internal Wastegate Actuator Included
  • New Oil Feed Line Kit Included
  • 18 Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty
  • 100% New Turbo
  • Built with V-Band compressor outlet
  • Custom JZW Tuning tune is required for your R to operate with this turbo
  • This turbo and tune is designed to work with our 650 CC Injectors
  • An electronic boost controller is recommended to maximize boost without overboost codes set at a maximum of 21psi.
  • Patented Triplex Ceramic Ball Bearing System
  • Billet CHRA and 7/14 Compressor Wheel
  • Fully Rebuildable
  • Drop-In Installation
  • No Core Charge Required

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