Powergate3 – Hand Held OBD Programmer


Product Description

Powergate3 hand held tuner with a touch screen. Powergate3 can be used to tune the following vehicle models:

    T7 Saabs, T8 Saabs, V6 Saabs and the NG 95 Saab models
    BMW N54 models
    Audi A3,A4, TT and Z car models
    VW 2.0 tfsi models
    Mini Cooper Turbo S models

This is just a brief list of models that can be tuned by the Powergate 3. For a more comprehensive list please contact JZW tuning directly by phone at 303-656-1611 or via email at jzwsaab@gmail.com

PowerGate Software Download

Click the following link to download the JZW Powergate 3 Software and software updates. Software download

More information about the Powergate 3 on Alientechs websiteBMW Powergate installation instructions