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I-Flash Tune for Cavalli Turbo


Product Description

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Tune designed for Cavalli CTB30VR turbo for the 2004-2007 Volvo S60R/V70R. This tune will allow you run Cavalli 650CC injectors and accommodate the air flow of our turbo. The tune is required to use Cavalli turbo.

Stg 6 is the Cavalli turbo and 400whp on Gasoline and stock block. 420whp with E85 and the more aggressive tune. With a built block, 550bhp is possible. JZW Tuning also sell the complete package that includes the Cavalli Turbo and I-Flash tune ( Click link to view details ).

  • Custom tune by JZW Tuning for use with Cavalli CTB30VR Triplex Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo
  • Works with Cavalli 650CC Plug and Play Injectors
  • Cavalli website</li>