SAAB T7 and T8 hand held PPC instructions


IMPORTANT: IS YOUR BATTERY GOOD? If the battery goes dead while programming the new ecu file, the ecu will be left un-usable !!! Make sure you back up the battery if you suspect its condition and for T8 cars, it only takes 3.5 minutes to flash, so its not a problem in most cases, but the T7 cars, it takes 22 minutes to flash, so I would recommend using a battery back up to make sure the battery does not go dead while uploading the tuned file. A jump box is the best way to back up the battery, you can also use jumper cables from another car battery, but the other car would have to be running. A battery charger does not seem to work, its the pulsing surge of voltage that causes an error in the programming. I would also recommned pulling the headlight fuse and cooling fan fuse on the T7 cars because it takes so long to upload the oem stock file, 55 minutes!!!


If an error does occur, do not unplug the ppc or turn off the Ignition key ! Go right back to write file to ecu and select the tuned file again and start the write file to ECU again and select yes, do not turn off the key or unplug the ppc or the ecu can be left in an usable state where the ppc can no longer communicate. This is mainly a T7 issue since it takes soo long to program. The main reason it will throw an error code is low voltage, if you back it up with a good battery box, this will not usually happen. Do not check status or ECU information or anything else, just start the write file to ecu selection over until the programming completes successful. It will say programming has successfully terminated. This means its done, you can unplug the cable and turn off the key. IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU MUST RE-SET ECU POWER NOW BY PULLING THE NEGATIVE BATTERY TERMINAL BEFORE THE CAR WILL START. WITH 04 AND LATER 95 CARS, YOU CAN PULL FUSE 17 TO RE-SET POWER TO THE ECU.

1. The PPC comes loaded and ready to upload the stock oem file, you will walk to the car, hook up the obd2 cable and plug into the obd2 port, located under the dash on the Saabs and follow the simple instructions on the screen of the PPC. You will upload the oem file and then go back into the house and transfer the file from the PPC to the computer. T8 cars take 12 minutes to read the oem file and T7 cars take a full 55 minutes to read. T8 cars take 3.5 minutes to write the new tuned file to the car and T7 cars take 22 minutes.

2. Now you need to load the X-Console SOFTWARE ONLY FROM THE LINK I EMAILED YOU. YOU CAN ALSO FIND THIS SW LINK ON MY WEBPAGE, JZWTUNING.COM Plug in the PPC to the computer with the supplied USB to PPC cable. The first time it will prompt the drivers to load and then it will load them automatically or you may have to go into the device manager and right click and load them that way. You can call if you have problems. Now you open the X-Console, select Link and you will communicate with the PPC, you will then select Read ORI or original file, just save it as a normal file to YOUR DOCUMENTS, NOT YOUR DESKTOP, its best to save it with your name and year of car, like John03-93-oem.


3. Now you can transfer the OEM file to “YOUR DOCUMENTS” NOT YOUR DESKTOP and then ATTACH THE FILE IN AN EMAIL AND EMAILME THE OEM FILE AT and I will tune it and email it back to you. You will then save the new tuned file to “YOUR DOCUMENTS, NOT YOUR DESKTOP and then Link up to the PPC again with X CONSOLE and select Upload MOD file or modified file, you will select the file that I have emailed to you and then upload the MOD file. You are ready to flash the cars’ ecu, unplug the usb to computer cable and walk to the car.

4. Now you are ready to flash the tune to the car, you will plug in the PPC to the obd2 port and turn the key on, Engine OFF! Follow the simple instructions on the screen, go to write file to the vehicle and then it will show the tuned MOD file and the OEM file, select the tuned file, it will be clearly labled JZW Stage 1 or something, select this file and press Y for yes. It will verify the ecu file and then if everything is ok, it will prepare the ecu for flashing. It will tell you to make sure the key is in the ON positon and to select Y when you have confirmed the Key is on. You press Y and it will start the programming process, do not interupt the PPC, do not touch it at all and just wait for it to finish, 3.5 minutes on T8 cars and 18 minutes on T7 cars and then when it finishes, it will say programming successful, disconnect calbe. You are now finished, the ecu has been flashed and tuned and you are ready to drive. NOTE: If you have an older T7 car, you must now pull fuse #17 or pull the negative battery termal cable to re-set the ecu and then it will start right up. T8 cars, the new 93 cars just start right up no problem.

5. It can take a full 100 miles to fully adapt the ecu, make sure you have in a new set of spark plugs and they are gapped down to .8mm for T8 cars and some T7 cars. The plugs that we like to use on these cars is the NGK Bcpr 7ES. The plug gap is tight, .030″

6. You can now hook up the PPC and select Read Codes and check for and clear any cel codes through the obd2 port. You can also switch back to the oem file or if you have 2 tuned versions, you can select another version and try that tune.

7. NOTE*** T7 cars must reset the power to the ecu after programming by PPC is complete, you can just pull fuse #17 after programming is successful and the car will start right up! If this does not work, you will have to pull the negative battery termal to re-set the ecu.

Any questions or issues, just give me a call and I can help you figure out what is going on,